The Kids Road: gli esploratori del network Talent Garden

The Kids Road is a Strategic & Creative Consulting Firm working with Startups, companies and communications agencies with the aim of conceiving and developing projects that mix creativity, engagement and technology. The idea of the company is to combine the emotional and seductive character of communication (The Kids) with a strategic understanding of the market (The Road). Currently working in Talent Garden Calabiana, the company recently opened new headquarters in Talent Garden Bucharest, an extremely dynamic and energetic city.

Your company arises from the idea of combining emotionality and pragmatism, why?

Because we are convinced that in communication these two elements must have the same weight. The creative process, even the most seductive and surprising, must be based on the principle that distinguishes advertising from contemporary art: the purpose.

Market analysis and client expectations, an understanding of business objectives and strategic context: all these factors must guide the creative process. Once your feet are on the right road your imagination runs as free as a kid’s.

Start-ups, how much is communication important for their growth?

In the last few years the world of start-ups has changed significantly, it has become more competitive and selective. Communicating the value and placement of a young company has become fundamental to acquire clients and, above all, to attract financers and supporters.

Identity, tone of voice and communication style have taken on a key role, and this is something that new entrepreneurs must face whilst they are busy transforming their idea into a revolutionary business. It is here that an agency such as The Kids Road comes into play, accompanying and guiding the start-up towards the creation of a strong brand image that is recognizable and that will persist in the minds of the target audience; an agency that loves giving voice to the big companies of tomorrow.

Why did you choose to work in Talent Garden?

Because it reflects several important characteristic of our agency: openness, flexibility, a desire to break the mould in a constructive manner, the possibility of being in one place but at the same time having the potential to be everywhere. Other than a necessity to work in more than one city, and so using the various campuses, and not considering the excellent services, the dynamic of Talent Garden offers the possibility to rapidly and easily interact with an innumerable amount of professionals. The agency, at this moment, couldn’t ask for more.

Talent Garden Bucharest: you are amongst the first occupiers of this new campus, how do you plan to grow in this country?

Bucharest was a strategic choice, it has one of the highest growth rates in the European Union. Even before opening in Bucharest we were contacted by important brands we will have to work with on site.

28 novembre 2016

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