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TAG Club

The membership

95/3 months

350€/12 months

This membership allows you to enter Talent Garden network and gives you access to the Community Platform and to all of our community events and benefits.

Technical features and included services:

  • Unlimited access to the common areas (cafè, community spaces, lounge areas and relax spaces) in all of our campuses during opening hours
  • 2 hours of meeting rooms per month in one of the campuses of your choice
  • Access to TAG People: platform for interaction among the community members
  • Free access to all courses and events organized for the community. E.g.: English course, yoga, creative breakfasts, networking nights and parties
  • Benefits with commercial services in the campus’ surroundings and to special events. E.g.: big tech events in Europe, restaurants, gyms, shops and services.

Add-ons (on demand):

  • daily access to a reserved desk 20 EUR + VAT (instead of 25)
  • extra hours of meeting rooms 15 EUR + VAT per hour (instead of 30)
  • 15% off on event space rental
  • 15% off fablab services
  • possibility of renting lockers and parking slots

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