Talent Garden Kaunas is opening, the first creative/digital coworking campus outside Italy

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After 3 years of success in Italy, Talent Garden goes international with its first campus in Lithuania, Kaunas.

470 square meters for more than 50 digital talents: TAG Kaunas officially opens its door on January 17th in Kaunas, the second largest city in Lithuania. It will be the most creative meeting point between innovators, agencies, clients and investors.


Talent Garden was born 3 years ago in Brescia, in a tiny Italian town and now grew up its network to 8 branches nationally and 2 internationally – Luxembourg is opening very soon. This coworking model with a high focus on space design and people work-life balance involves more than 500 digital members and it is becoming the largest pool for digital innovation creators.


The founder of TAG Kaunas, Arthur Bulota, is a young and ambitious creative industries curator running the adverting agency Advision. He decided to bring TAG model to Kaunas for several reasons such as a need for such a creative design hub, belonging to the international network of campuses that always opens door for more opportunities and belief in the local ecosystem growth.  Lithuania has recently joined the Euro zone and is growing full speed – it has the largest ICT industry in the Baltic countries, many of new businesses are born globally due to the tiny country and creative industries are just blooming.

The TAG space in Kaunas features a coworking area, private office, two meeting rooms, a windowsill with pillows and the view to the main Kaunas avenue for those who like working in homey conditions, game area with Xbox, football table and TV cinema 3D, and the lunch area in which the team will be running Creative Breakfast and similar events.


“When we decided to open our first space in Brescia, all we wanted was to create a meeting point for local innovators in the town. Now, after 3 years, I am very proud to see that this local model is becoming an international concept, maintaining the same values and characteristics”. Davide Dattoli, CEO and cofounder of Talent Garden.


“Everyone who got a chance to taste a lifestyle of freelance will agree that the main issue of such a work-life is self-motivation: working at home makes you a bit more lazy, freedom affects time management and it is hard to keep up your level of productivity. A person naturally needs to have a discussion, arguments, other opinions and even little distractions. One of the main aims of TAG Kaunas is to create digital creative industries ecosystem, uniting all the visionaries and creators under one roof”. Arthur Bulota, cofounder Talent Garden Kaunas.