From Talent Garden to the Silicon Valley

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A smart vase that purifies the air, the Internet of Things that improves the quality of lives. The story of Clairy from Talent Garden Pordenone to Las Vegas CES to one of the most important accelerators of the Silicon Valley.

When it all began?

Clairy started as a university thesis project at the Politecnico di Milano. Vincenzo Vitiello, Master of Science in Industrial Design, had the idea and started doing the firsts sketches of the product. He immediately started collaborating with his university colleague, Alessio D’Andrea. The product received good feedbacks and its development sped up rapidly. Paolo Ganis, co-founder of Talent Garden Pordenone and Master of Science in Management at Bocconi University, joined the team. Team was great and they all decided to create a new venture based on this wonderful product.

Why did you choose to work on green and sustainability?

Indoor pollution is in fact a very serious problem, people think that pollution is outside but it’s the complete opposite, indoor pollution can be up to 5 times higher than outdoor. We therefore thought of a product that could solve this big problem by using technologies and a philosophy completely green and sustainable to make people more aware of the problem.

How work in a co-working space helped your growth?

Working in a co-working space has been fundamental to our growth. Our venture started in fact at Talent Garden Pordenone. First as a place were we could actually work together but mostly because we managed to implement our network and find professionals that could help us. We in fact met many great and talented people that helped us in the development of the product: our website, the app, our Kickstarter video e many more. Network that was only possible thanks to a co-working space.

In 6 months from Talent Garden to Silicon Vally, how did you do that?

Our strategy was clear since the beginning, after creating the company in July, we worked hard to be ready and present our product at the CES of Las Vegas at the beginning of January 2016. Thanks to CES, which we recommend to all the hardware startups that have a great product, we managed to expand our network and meet many interesting persons and we made many partnerships. Fortunately we also attracted the interest of a big accelerator/investor of the Silicon Valley. They invited us for a meeting in Sunnyvale, as we arrived they immediately told us that they loved the product and that we were selected for their acceleration program for 3 months. It was great!

Which are your plans for the future?

In March we raised 260,000$ on Kickstarter, and we are now to speeding up the production. Moreover we have many meetings with several Silicon Valley investors, they like the product so we really also hope to do a great seed round soon. In the meantime we will work really hard on the product to make it better.

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