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At Talent Garden we work every day to achieve our dream: to create innovative places that allow the best digital talents to grow and create valuable connections on a global level.

To do this we have one, big secret weapon: our team.

Together we make the small hours, laugh, use hundreds of post-it, create dashboards and find ourselves celebrating the goals achieved.

We celebrate innovation every day, because working in Talent Garden means entering another universe.

We are our values

Why work at Talent Garden

  • One in-a-lifetime chance to create something unique

We call it work, but it’s really our playground where we create, propose, experiment, and share. Each day we shape our own job, and in doing so we keep growing the digital innovation ecosystem.

  • Exciting and fast-paced environment

We are on a sky-rocket growth journey, so no two days are the same: new challenges, new learning opportunities, new chances to stretch out of our comfort zone and support each other out.

  • Wellbeing & Learning benefits

Each of us has access to our own personal “wallet” to invest on training opportunities, as well as on those extra treats that make life just that more enjoyable. Have you seen a course on Coursera, a marketing workshop, a leadership course that would allow you to reach the next level and grow even more as a person and as a professional? Do you want to pay your gym subscription, change your glasses, or travel someplace? It’s all on Talent Garden.

  • Living the network

As proud owners of the biggest network of coworking spaces in Europe, you can place your laptop in any one of our campuses, or participate to all events that are hosted there. Work is everywhere there’s an internet connection, and each campus has its own feel and vibe, as well as being located in some of the coolest cities in Europe!

  • An international team full of passion

We come from more than 10 different countries sharing the same vision and enthusiasm. We love what we do, and we love the people we do it with. We make things happen. Together.

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