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Brand Strategy and Storytelling Course

Learn what’s at the core of any great business and the secrets to what makes powerful brands so impactful.

Discover how to build brand and business value through strategy and narrative—all while making a difference in your customers’ lives.

Brand Strategy and Storytelling Course
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About the Brand Strategy and Storytelling course

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

On completing the Brand Strategy and Storytelling course, you should have acquired knowledge and skills to be used immediately in your place of work or to shout about in your resume.

  • To understand the underpinnings of what guides successful brands and how that relates to business, customer, and societal value.
  • To identify who your most interesting audience is so you can create real and profound profiles about who they are.
  • To understand the new dynamics of shared communications and experiences brought about by a continuously evolving digital and media ecosystem.
  • To understand the function of the classical storytelling frameworks and how they are as important as ever in facilitating change for your customer through brand experience.
  • To learn the importance of testing and the role feedback plays in strengthening connection and understanding with your customers, by developing a story that can capture their attention.
  • To navigate the strategic selection of channel, platform, and medium to deliver the brand story through where you choose to show up and be present.

The Hyper Island approach is different from a traditional online course. We combine hands-on learning in your workplace with a fast-paced, social virtual environment to create a powerful experience that truly pays off.

Learning kit
Each week, a summary overview and provocation will be shared to get your brain thinking and reflecting on brands, strategy, and storytelling. A few resources to support that activity will be made available, but not too many. A more thorough reading list will be provided at the end of the course, with the focus being on the here and now and what you can sustainability commit to each week.

Live sessions, interactive workshops and hands-on tasks
Once per week over the course of a month, at 3pm-4.30pm CET, a live interactive session takes place to support learning, reflection, creating, and networking. Sessions are multifaceted and social – ensuring all learners get a chance to lean-in. We use the time together each week to go deep, get hands-on, and create the artifacts, strategies, and thinking that help directly with your most current and pressing brand challenge. The sessions will be hosted by course facilitators and leading thinkers and doers in the branding and storytelling landscape. And of course, we will learn and create on the latest and most applicable digital collaboration tools.

Weekly reflection
Every week, in addition to our live interactive sessions, there will be a chance to combine content, action, and reflection through provocations and peer discussion. These weekly learning opportunities are designed to integrate with your day-to-day work and build additional competence and experience.

Peer learning and perspective
We find that much of the learning comes through interactions and discussion from your peers on the course. As part of your journey, each of the live sessions will feature time in the program to connect, share, and learn from each other. We are always blown away by the experience and expertise from learners in our course and we work to amplify that for you.

Reading list
Content informs discussion, inspires actions, and gives a chance to explore new territories. An extended list of resources with the books, articles, podcasts, and videos to go deeper will of course be provided. However, we don’t wish for you to become trapped in just “content”, learning is about the balance between what we consume and what we do (and learn from).

Time commitment
This course is designed to be flexible to your schedule. The time commitment is individual, however, you are expected to spend approximately 5 hours per week total—including participation in each of the live sessions—as well as your learning and doing outside of sessions.

Build and test: Get hands-on

Work with the tools, frameworks, and canvases that allow you to energize your thinking and doing with a prototyping mindset.

Springboard: The power of commitment

Form personal and professional development goals with habit-forming approaches to continuous learning.


Faculty Member
Jamie Black
Business, Leadership & Learning Development | Hyper Island

Jamie is a Course Leader and Strategic Generalist currently working across Business, Leadership & Learning Development at Hyper Island. He works across learning experience design, marketing & communications, product development and client partnerships – notably with Accenture, Pfizer, Adidas and Lufthansa. Prior to joining Hyper Island, Jamie has worked as a copywriter, brand strategist and […]

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Faculty Member
Iñaki Escudero
Educator | Freelancer

Inaki is a behavioural psychologist turned educator. He worked for 18 years in advertising, and has helped many brands develop a more creative approach to their communications. He takes his audience and learners through insightful (and challenging) new perspectives on how today’s brand landscape has changed, exploring the behaviours, expectations and values of customers. Before […]

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talent garden
talent garden

Content of the course

This Brand Strategy and Storytelling course gives you the opportunity to refresh and energize your brand thinking and doing in a time of great change.

1 - Brand Strategy: Origins of value creation

Understand and reaffirm who you are, who you are here for, and what you are here to do.

Take a deep dive into how your customers interact with your brand, as well as what drives their behavior. Explore the latest in behavioral science, while deepening your understanding of your customer and learning the counterintuitive approaches to help customers make changes in their lives.

What do the leading brands in our world demonstrate?

A consistent and meaningful expression of who they are that shows up over time to help people make a change. Explore the underlying principles of storytelling and narrative building and how great brands create value through the synergy of product, technology, content, and business model.

How do you build brand advocacy and role-model for both employees and customers? There’s a relationship between an organization’s internal culture, its products, and how it shows up in the world. Learn the tools and mindset to bring brand to life to benefit everyone.

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