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22 – 25 May 2023 | Talent Garden Copenhagen

During a week-long event, Talent Garden Copenhagen becomes the home for the most relevant talks around innovation and entrepreneurship in Denmark.

Take advantage of an inspiring week of talks, workshops, and panel discussions where you can connect with like-minded professionals and discuss pressing topics around innovation, sustainability, entrepreneurship, and startup growth.

Join us and our partners for this year’s big event with Talent Garden Copenhagen! 

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Monday May 22nd 1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Today we explore the hurdles for innovation in mid to large size companies and how to overcome them. Many companies want to be innovative but something is not working. Learn why with speakers and panelists from IKEA, Maersk, GUIDE65, Forte Advice, Talent Garden.

Tuesday May 23rd 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

A day focused around different ways of scaling and growing your startup business. Get tools and tricks to scale your business, learn about crowdfunding, be inspired by a unicorn growth journey and take part in the discussions around talent attraction.

Wednesday May 24th 1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

We shed light on how innovation can fuel sustainability and how all actors in society are needed in order for sustainable innovation to thrive. Speakers to be announced.

Thursday May 25th 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

On this day, we’ll share learnings, tips and inspiration for you as an early entrepreneur. You’ll be inspired by the wins and the failures behind experienced startup founders, learn about the importance of branding, networking, and the entrepreneurial foundations such as IP protection, taxation, and the first steps of raising capital.

talent garden
talent garden

Organiser & Main Partners

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    With like-minded people and expand you network.

  • Learn

    From industry leaders and experts.

  • Engage

    +20 talks, workshops and panels covering pressing innovation topics for startups and businesses.

22/5: Overcoming innovation challenges

Is innovation a losing game for big corp? Through inspiring talks and discussions we would like to shed some light on the challenges mid- to large sized corporations are facing when trying to create innovation within. The intention is to share our experience and learn from each other’s learnings and observations.

13:00: Welcome

13:15: Keynote: IKEA’s Innovation Journey

Marcus McKinley, Global Innovation Engagement Manager, from IKEA talks about IKEA’s innovation process and the different routes they’ve been on

14:00: Panel discussion: Building innovation: what is actually possible?

There are many different routes that companies take to build innovation within their companies. This panel discussion focuses on what works and what doesn’t. Is innovation a craft that takes time, requires specific skill or can it be done quicker, with standardised tools? Our panel will speak based on their experience, how they see innovation being built and what is needed to make it work.

Panelists: Morten Lundholm, Ocean Product Design Lead @ AP Møller – Maersk; Sussi Bianco, CEO & Founder @ GUIDEN65, Rasa Strumskyte, Co-Founder & VP Business Development @ Talent Garden, Mark Dahl-Jensen @ PostNord

14:45: Facilitated mingle 

15:15: Workshop: Overcoming barriers to innovation

In this session participants will join one another to discuss their main challenges and learnings from working with innovation. Are challenges the same? Have you tried similar solutions? What has not been explored? Together we will look at different ways forwards. Facilitated by Isabella Salomonsson, Head of Business Development at Talent Garden Denmark

16:00: End note: What did I learn from over a decade generating innovation in big corp? with Stine Kalmer Jørgensen

16:45: Mingle and drinks

22/5: Speakers & panelists

Meet the people who will share their learnings with us.

Isabella Salomonsson
Head of Business Development @ Talent Garden

Our moderator for the day. Isabella has longstanding experience from working with facilitation, strategy and product development.

Marcus McKinley
Global Innovation Engagement Manager @ IKEA Retail

Our Keynote speaker Marcus has over 15 years experience developing and implementing effective design, marketing and communication strategies. He currently works with democratising innovation at IKEA by implementing new design thinking tools, methods and strategies.

Stine Kalmer Jørgensen
Founder & CEO @

Our endnote speaker Stine Kalmer Jørgensen worked with digital innovation for over ten years in various roles and companies and then she started her own startup Dreamplan with the ambition to make financial planning accessible for everyone.

Morten Lee Lundholm
Ocean Product Design Lead @ Maersk

Morten Lee Lundholm is Ocean Product Design Lead at Maersk and has previously worked for IKEA, Lego and IDEO. He has 18+ years of experience working with innovation and is a firm believer that innovation is a craft that must be honed and not a shake&bake concept.

Sussi Bianco
CEO & Founder @ GUIDEN65

Sussi Bianco is a Health & Care Tech Entrepreneurship & Innovation specialist who's been behind the national competition /accelerator program CareWare-Next. She has been on the jury of several national and international entrepreneurship competitions for 20+ years. On social media platforms she has Hosted 100+ panel debates on the future of health and technology. Sussi is a Danish Startup Ecosystem pioneer and her deep knowledge and engagement in innovation has taken her all over the world.

Rasa Strumskyte
Co-Founder & VP Business Development @ Talent Garden

Rasa is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record as a business developer. She's been an incremental part of scaling Talent Garden from a coworking space to Europe's leading digital skills academy with a community of +4500 digital and tech innovators, and more than 2300 students trained in digital skills.

Mark Dahl-Jensen
Strategy Manager @ PostNord

Mark is focused on the digital transformation of PostNord. For many years PostNord could be considered a monopoly power, but must now adapt to new market realities. In doing this, optimising the digital customer journey is key. Mark has formerly worked with strategy and innovation management in both public and private organisations.

talent garden
talent garden

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23/5: Scaling & Growing Your Startup

Join us on a day dedicated discussions and learnings around the important considerations, focus areas and needed steps in scaling your business to your next startup growth journey.


8:30-9:15: Breakfast and networking sponsored by Seedrs

9:30-10:30: Session: Play Your TalentHow to build strong teams

This workshop will provide inspiring and practical tools and strategies for building effective teams that can collaborate and work together to use the full potential of a team. Participants will learn how to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their team members and how to leverage these differences to create a high-performing team.

With: Iris Engelund, CEO & Founder @ Play Your Talent

10:45-11:45: Session: ScaleUp Company Denmark Scale your business  

Will it be the Valley of Death or will you belong to the 4% that makes it? Ask yourself: do you work in or at your company? Which area in your scaleup needs attention in order to ignite growth?

During the session we will go through the Scaling Up theory with a birds-eye view and in an interactive way. We will discuss the four pillars of ScalingUp, the One Page Strategic Plan and how to secure the OPSP with a meeting rhythm. We promise you’ll be wiser and inspired at the end of this session.

With: Ted Køhlert van Zwieten, Co-Founder @ ScaleUp Company Denmark

12:00-12:45: Lunch & mingle

13:00-14:00: Panel discussion: Digital Hub Denmark Crisis-Proofing Your Talent Culture

A panel discussion about attracting and retaining top performers in times of crisis

14:15-15:15: Session: SeedrsThe power of the crowd 

In this workshop you will learn how to leverage the power of the crowd to create the most engaged community possible.
Understand how to best utilise a crowd raise, examples of best case practices and general introduction to crowd equity.

With: Marcus Tempte, Country manager @ Seedrs

15:30-16:30: Keynote: ZendeskThe journey of Zendesk

Learn how Zendesk was founded and grew in Denmark, scaled in Silicon Valley and brought in investment in the US to then IPO in New York, to then be taken back private in 2022.

With: Jeremy Ambrose, VC Partner Manager @ Zendesk

16:30: After Hour Beers and Networking sponsored by Zendesk

23/5: Speakers

Here are the people that will help you scale your startup!

Jeremy Ambrose
VC Partner Manager @ Zendesk

Jeremy is our Keynote speaker of the day. His focus is on supporting startups, accelerators and venture capital firms with customer engagement through Zendesk software. He is also developing an international accelerator network, Entrepreneurial Spark, which wants to inspire social change through the action of entreprenurship.

Marcus Tempte
Country manager @ Seedrs

Before joining Seedrs | Republic as Country Manager of Denmark, Marcus has been a serial entrepreneur for nearly 20 years. He has launched numerous products internationally and scaled businesses on both sides of the Atlantic. Get a Founder perspective of how the crowd can help supercharge your company growth.

Iris Englund
CEO & Founder @ Play Your Talent

Iris Engelund is a professional keynote speaker, business coach and talent developer. Iris teaches strategic talent development and change-management and has 20 years of experience in creating success in both private and public organizations. In recent years, Iris has inspired more than 30.000 people with her lecture Embrace your talent and have developed the innovative digital platform: Play Your Talent.

Ted Køhlert van Zwieten
Co-Founder @ Scale up Company

Ted has led the company Pepperminds from four part-time people and a flip-over to a scaleup with 5 offices in 2 countries, 250+ people and 20 mio kr. annual gross profit in 7 years. He has been applying ScalingUp for more than 10 years and is now spearheading as Co-Founder ScaleUp Company Denmark together with the Co-Owner of ScaleUp Company and serial entrepreneur Bart van Nol.

talent garden
talent garden

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24/5: Creating opportunities for sustainable innovation

In this we will explore how startups, companies, NGOs, academia, civil society and government can come together to create the change that is so needed. Learn how we can grow, not only green tech, but all aspects of sustainable innovation and how we can do that long term.

13:00: Welcome

13:15: Keynote: What can sustainable innovation solve and for whom?

14:00: Panel discussion: The Sustainable Helix model: the way forward for sustainable innovation?

The Sustainable Helix model promotes a collaborative, multidisciplinary, and stakeholder-oriented approach to sustainable innovation that takes into account economic, social, and environmental goals. It requires all sectors to work together for a more sustainable future. What are the hurdles for us coming together and how can we come closer to ensure that innovation within sustainability is thriving?

With: Kristine Frisk, Nordic Manager for Sustainability @ Antler; Emil Damholt, Head of Impact @ Bluetown DK

14:45: Facilitated mingle 

15:15: Workshop: Working together: for sustainable innovation

In this session participants will join together to discuss their main challenges and learnings from working with sustainable innovation. Continuing on the panel discussion we will explore how we can learn from our respective fields and start creating spaces for collaboration.

With: Isabella Salomonsson, Head of Business Development @ Talent Garden Denmark

16:00: End note: Building sustainable early-mover corporate ventures

Sustainable early-mover ventures come with high risk and uncertainty, though also with potential long-term upside for people, planet and profit by using strategic foresight, corporate unfair advantages and startup-like operating models.

With: Navid Ostadian-Binai, Head of Green Vessels & Fuels @ Maersk Tankers

16:45: Mingle and drinks

24/5: Speakers & panelists

Meet the people who will share their learnings with us.

Navid Ostadian-Binai
Head of Green Vessels & Fuels @ Maersk Tankers

Our endnote speaker Navid Ostadian-Binai helps drive the energy transition, while advocating for freedom and equitable opportunities for all. In his role as Head of Green Vessels & Fuels, Navid explores new opportunities to work with customers and partners on accelerating pathways towards commercialisation and scale of green shipping. He has spent his career at top-tier corporates such as Maersk, as well as world-class startups (2 successful exits) and innovation firms with a solid focus on execution.

Kristine Frisk
Nordic Manager for Sustainability @ Antler

Kristine Frisk is Nordic Manager for Sustainability at Antler. Antler works strategically with strengthening the ESG awareness in early stage startups and increasing investments into impact companies.

Emil Damholt
Head of Impact @ Bluetown DK

talent garden
talent garden

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25/5: The Entrepreneurial Toolbox

This day can be seen as an entrepreneurial toolbox in itself as we focus on the key essentials when you’re starting a new business. Learn from experienced founders and entrepreneurial supporters.


8:30-9:15: Check in + Breakfast 

9:30-10:30: Session: Startup CentralHow to start branding your business

Have you ever considered how your brand is perceived? In this session, you will have the opportunity to ask questions to the CEO of Startup Central, Anders Fogh, and Karsten Koed, Investor and Chairman of the Board. They will cover areas such as how to build your brand profile and how to build your personal profile as a brand. You will leave this session with actionable knowledge. Let’s get started!

10:45-11:45: Panel: Global Startup AwardsKey learnings from my entrepreneurial journey – with Spirii, Fresh Land, and Wonder Coders

Lessons learned from building a successful startup from scratch

Join us in this panel discussion that brings together successful entrepreneurs from diverse industries to share their experiences and insights on building and growing a business. We will discuss the challenges and opportunities they faced during their entrepreneurial journey, as well as the strategies and lessons they learned along the way.

Hosted by Global Startup Awards, moderated by Katrine Riisberg (Dansk Industri)
In the panel: Tore Harritshøj, Co-founder & CEO @ Spirii, Mathilde Kjærgaard Jakobsen, CEO & Co-founder @ Fresh.Land, and Plamena Cherneva, Founder & CEO @ WonderCoders and Nordic Women in tech Awards

12:00-12:45: Lunch & mingle

13:00-14:00: Session: IVNNetworking as a driving force for personal and professional development 

*This session will be in Danish

Learn concrete strategies to network for knowledge, strong relationships, and money in your account.

The value of a good network is priceless. It is through a good network that we gain new perspectives, insights, knowledge, and experiences from paths we have not yet taken ourselves, the energy that lifts us, and relations that can motivate us to stay on track.

Networking is not just networking, just as relations are not just relations.

Together with Marlene Gyldenberg we will take a closer look at these questions. Based on her own personal experiences, business background, and work with many entrepreneurs, Marlene will provide you with concrete tools to make your network a driving force. 

Hosted by IVN

Speaker: Marlene Gyldenberg, Founder @ Lead Louder

14:15-15:15: Session: KPMGHow to start your startup the right way 

In this session, we’ll explore the key considerations you need to keep in mind as you establish your startup, with a particular focus on corporate structure, protecting the IP and taxation.

Whether you’re a first-time entrepreneur or an experienced business owner, this session will provide you with the knowledge and insights needed to do things right. Learn from the consequences of actual cases where the founders did not make the right analysis and decision from the start.

With: Morten Høgh-Petersen, Partner @ KPMG

15:30-16:30: Session: Erhvervshus HovedstadenHow to find the first professional investor

Preparing for investments – Negotiating the deal – Working with investors | Insights to finding investors, timing of raising capital, attracting investors, choosing your lawyer, choosing your investor, negotiating the term sheet, working with investors

With: Claus Birkedal, Senior Business Developer @ Erhvervshus Hovedstaden

16:30-17:00: After Hour Beer and Networking

17:00-20:00: Founders Live: 99 Second Pitch Competition

Founders Live are thrilled to present an exciting evening of innovation, entrepreneurship, and community building, as we close out Innovation Week in Copenhagen 2023 with the inaugural Founders Live CPH 99 Second Pitch Competition. Join us for an unforgettable happy hour competition, where you will have the power to choose the winner!

With: Tegan Spinner, CEO & Founder @ Worthmore

25/5: Speakers & Panelist

The experts that can provide you with the tools to succeed.

Anders Fogh
CEO @ Startup Central

Karsten Koed
Investor and Chairman of the Board @ Startup Central

Plamena Cherneva
Founder & CEO @ WonderCoders and Nordic Women in tech Awards

Web developer, tech lover and a passionate entrepreneur. A relentless advocate of making the tech industry more welcoming, attractive, and inclusive to women. Plamena stepped into the Tech industry at a very young age and has been fighting with STEM is for men stereotypes ever since. She is the founder of WonderCoders and Co-founder of Nordic Women in Tech Awards. Role model, Mentor and an inspiration to everyone around her.

Mathilde Kjærgaard Jakobsen
CEO & Co-founder @ Fresh.Land

Mathilde Kjærgaard Jakobsen left a successful corporate career to follow her passion and become an entrepreneur. Working for Maersk and Coloplast gave her invaluable business experience and international exposure. It helped her mature and, ultimately, be able to build a business from scratch. One of her companies, Fresh.Land, recently won the Frederiksberg Entrepreneurship Prize 2018 and was featured in Forbes. Mathilde has also been awarded the Women of the Decade 2018 prize by the Women Economic Forum (WEF)

Tore Harritshøj
Co-founder & CEO @ Spirii

Tore is the Co- founder, and CEO of Spirii, a global platform for     EV charging and a market-leading management system for charging businesses. He is an expert in business development across Mobility, Life Cycle Management, Energy Solutions, and Wind and Solar Energy. Tore has led innovative subsidiaries and partnerships within sustainable solutions and has a successful track record in utility solutions.

Katrine Riisberg
Consultant @ Dansk Industri

Katrine is driven by helping create the best conditions for startups at the Danish Industri. Katrine does not like the status quo, she enjoys optimizing and seeing things in a new way, she gets energy from team work and loves jumping into new challenges!

Marlene Gyldenberg
Founder @ Lead Louder

Marlene Gyldenberg is a strategy and management advisor. Over the past year, she has helped to assist more than 100 self-employed individuals to reach the next level in their life, leadership, and business. She will do a presentation about the importance of networking.

Morten Høgh-Petersen
Partner @ KPMG

Morten is a State Authorised Public Accountant and has been working at KPMG since 2002, where he became a Partner in 2019. Morten is the leader of KPMG’s “Start-up Denmark” team, which works with Tech start-ups mainly at universities in Copenhagen. Morten has great experience in various fields including internationalisation, corporate tax, preparation for listing, corporate structure setup, and risk mitigation advice on internal control frameworks.

Claus Birkedal
Senior Business Developer @ Erhvervshus Hovedstaden

Initiated and designed Onboarding Investors workshop together with Deloitte’s high growth team; Facilitated TechBBQ ’22 session on getting investors; Mentor at Beyond Beta accelerator; Extensive experience from commercial operations including import/export CN/DK, direct sales and sales management and manufacturing of medical devices, industrial equipment, sports, and IT SaaS software.

Tegan Spinner
CEO & Founder @ Worthmore

talent garden
talent garden

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