Design Thinking For Innovation Course

Users, customers, humans? It’s people who drive business, and rethinking processes can do wonders for your bottom line.

Learn to harness powerful design approaches to build empathy and insight to drive meaningful innovation. Equip yourself for problem-solving in the Digital Age and future design thinking.

Design Thinking For Innovation Course
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About the Design Thinking For Innovation course

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes

After this course, you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Learn a range of practical methods; everything from framing the problem, to conducting user research, collaborative ideation, prototyping, and more
  • Manage design thinking processes at your organization from conducting research to gaining traction for new ideas: how you can successfully implement it, and how to use tools, techniques and processes that can enable innovation
  • Lower internal barriers to Design Thinking
  • Improve outcomes by taking the project beyond the prototype stage
  • Successfully navigate the organizational landscape – learn how to confidently sell the story of how the project will provide value to key stakeholders
  • Ability to design, facilitate, and lead collaborative innovation processes using a wide range of approaches
  • Include a broad team in the process and empower the change leaders

As business landscapes become more complex and sophisticated with the introduction of new technologies and trends, many executives and other kinds of decision maker have quickly adopted design thinking to provide the key to growth. As a result, adoption of design thinking processes has exploded in recent years and understandably so. Design thinking offers a structured framework for understanding and pursuing ways that contribute to organic growth and add real value to your customers.

But it’s not without its detractors. “Design thinking is trotted out as a salve for businesses who need help with innovation,” argued Peter Merholz, of design company Adaptive Path, on the Harvard Business Review blog. Then, IDEO partner Michael Hendrix discussed some of the criticism that the methodology received in 2018. He argued that criticism was based on misunderstandings and overuse of the methodology. “Having access to the tools can be a little deceiving if you don’t understand how to use them in an appropriate way,” he said.

We couldn’t agree more. And that’s what we are offering to do for you – help you understand how to use the tools you need to drive transformation, in an appropriate way.

Design Thinking is a core skill for anyone who wants to lead innovation processes and be involved in creating the future!

Hence, this course is not a design thinking masterclass for experienced designers, but for any specialists, generalists or managers who work in a fast-moving environment and want to develop an agile, innovative mindset in order to solve problems creatively with others.

The course is suitable for those who work with product, organizational, idea or business development — or for those who work with communication, customer/user experience, growth, strategy and innovation — in functional and cross-functional teams.


Faculty Member
Pär Hellstadius
Leader, Facilitator, Speaker & Trainer | Hyper Island

As the Business Transformation team lead and process designer/facilitator at Hyper Island, Pär has extensive experience of leading and supporting change initiatives in international companies. He is passionate about Design Thinking and Agile ways of working as a way to transform traditional business processes and cater for innovation and collaborative problem solving.

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Faculty Member
Mari Leone
Facilitator, Coach & Learning Designer | Hyper Island

With a background in product design, Mari is an experienced learning designer and facilitator within Hyper Island’s Business Transformation team, specialising in the areas of innovation, human-centered design, team culture and creative problem solving. Originally from Brazil and now based in Sweden, Mari is a Hyper Island Design Lead alumna and holds certifications in UGL […]

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Faculty Member
Anna Hagensgård
Business Developer, Facilitator and Trainer | Hyper Island

Anna has been part of Hyper Island since 2014, supporting students, leaders and organization to adapt to a digital mindset and work actively with their cultures. With over 20 years of experience in business development, she has been creating learning and training opportunities in innovation, leadership and digital transformation for many companies throughout the years, […]

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Put innovation into practice today

Innovation is central to the improvement of products, services, and business processes. Design Thinking encompasses a well tested and widely accepted set of processes and tools that solve problems through exploring human and customer needs, defining and reframing problems in new ways, creative ideation, rapid prototyping, testing, and improvement. This is a core skill for any professional working in a fast-moving environment who needs to make decisions and solve problems with others. This 3-day course and its micro-briefs are designed to give you a range of challenging problems to solve; to look into audiences, user journeys, and business needs; and move from strategic thinking to creative execution. Test prototyping tools, and discover how you approach and integrate real methods in working with Design Thinking into your ways of working. We’ll challenge you to think about what it is to be human in a digital business world and to explore how far we are being manipulated in the quest for effective services, targeted marketing, and continuous innovation. Leverage the power of cross-silo problem solving, work agile, develop that prototyping mindset and unlock the diversity of teams and organisations by making sure you’re solving the right problem from the start.

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