Talent Garden's mission is to create local, vibrant, globally connected campuses that empower digital & tech communities.

We are a Community, not just a space

Founded in Brescia, Italy, in 2011, Talent Garden is now the leading European coworking network and educational institute for the digital and tech community. Today our network spans 17 campuses in 8 countries. (Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Romania, Spain and France).

Creating Global Connections

We host a community of over 4,500 innovators inside the network of campuses. These campuses are a base for ideas and collaborations to thrive, hosting a community of startups, agencies, corporate labs, freelancers, investors, media companies and students, who are all united by a like-minded vision for digital innovation.

Developing leaders in the digital world

To support our community we also launched in 2015 the Talent Garden Innovation School, our innovative educational institute offering training programs and courses for both individuals and companies, focusing on five key areas coding, data, marketing, design and business.

Connecting with tech giants

Connecting digital innovators with the most important players in different industries is key to fostering relationships and collaboration between companies and our community. Innovation is a vital element for corporate growth and requires the right combination of people, processes and technologies. 

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