TAG Innovation School

We provide training programmes that help individuals and companies to work with passion, lead, innovate and grow in an increasingly digital world.

Master full time

Intense trainings for students who want to complete their studies and get ready to work in the digital field. Apply now to CodeMaster, UX Design Master and E-commerceMaster

Master part time

Intense trainings for professionals who are eager to improve their digital skills. Apply now to Business Data Analysis and Growth Hacking Marketing

Coding Generation

In partnership with Gruppo24Ore, it's the most important Italian educational project about coding and robotics for children between 7 and 14 years old. Registrations are now opened for My first Videogame and My first Robot in Milan, Rome and Genoa

Digital Culture

Training programmes for shaping the future of digital.


TAG Innovation School is dedicated to fostering digital innovation and we do training programs to help individuals and companies to work with passion, grow and be leaders in an incresing digital world. We are the school that aims to innovate education, people mindset, companies and ecosystems

What we do

We develop training programs for students and companies: full time and part time masters, workshops, continuing education and corporate innovation programs. We create contents based on the latest trends and needs of the job market to foster employment and professional development


Impact what matters to you. We believe that you should be empowered to leave a significant footprint and impact what is next to you: yourself, your business, your world


Turn your passion into a job. We give you the training to create or find the work you love, the activity which makes you grow and helps to pursue your personal goals

TAG Innovation School

Shaping our mindset, education, jobs and entire ecosystems

Our promises

You can compare, always, with Teachers who turned their profession in their lives and their lives in their profession. You always get training programs related to the real needs of the job market: we will never train unemployed

Study with us

Before being a school, we are a community, the leading european network of coworking spaces, home for hundreds of startups, freelancers, agencies, companies and digital creators


Studying at TAG Innovation School means becoming part of the largest european community of digital talents. It gives you access to a lifelong placement service to help you find the job you truly want


We have eliminated lectures. We use flipped classroom and learning by creating methodologies: the classroom is a stage to showcase your ideas, a place to discover and discuss things, a platform to build projects with the like-minded ones.

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