Talent Garden will bring Silicon Valley experts to Madrid for the second edition of SingularityU Spain Summit

After the successful first edition in 2019, SingularityU Spain Summit comes back to Madrid on March 30 and 31, the event that brings together experts from Silicon Valley in order to raise awareness of the keys to innovation and technological growth that will help create a positive change in the world.

“This is the second edition of SingularityU Summit organized by Talent Garden in Spain, a unique event that represents an important growth for us in the world of big events and that allows our community, companies and professionals to connect with the future and develop the best professional contacts ”. 

Davide Dattoli, CEO of Talent Garden


What is SingularityU Spain Summit II Edition? And why participate?

SingularityU Summits are two-day conferences that become an annual point of connection and inspiration, a catalyst to accelerate a local culture of innovation, a platform for people to work on impact initiatives, and an opportunity to convene members of the community for discussion around rapidly changing technologies. The best opportunity to be updated on the latest breakthroughs in exponential technologies and business models, and to discover the cutting edge of innovation progress.

For two days, the meeting will bring together more than 20 speakers and international experts, as well as more than 1,000 executives, entrepreneurs, C-levels and professionals to continue the dialogue that began in 2019 during the first edition of SingularityU Spain Summit. Under the concept“Design the Future, Build the Future, Be the Future”, participants will talk about how new technologies impact positively on business and the day-to-day life of people around the world and discuss tools and the fundamental knowledge to lead the 2020 projects.

The event will begin by talking about different classic business models and the innovation process in these types of companies, as well as about the differences in the way of adapting to the future of large corporations and startups. Next, the conversation will focus on the most avant-garde proposals in key technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing or digital biology, and about the changes that are taking place in key sectors such as energy and telecommunications and its impact on the future of cities. Finally, SingularityU Spain Summit will address topics such as the future of workand the way in which technology will transform the professional world as we know it today. In addition, through a final keynote that will talk about Exponential Leadership, the one in which leaders inspire their teams and drive their components so that they develop all their talent.

The meeting will take place at the Madrid Marriott Auditorium Hotel & Conference Center and It will have the collaboration of companies such as Deloitte and Vodafone as Main Partners, CEOE Campus as Institutional Partner, DCH as Human Capital Partner and Womenalia as Media Partner.


Who are the speakers of the SingularityU Spain Summit?


Among the speakers who participate in the second edition of SingularityU Spain Summit include:

Jaya Baloo: Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) in Avast Software. Jaya has worked in the field of computer security for the past 20 years.

Amin Toufani: CEO of T Labs. Previously, he was Director of Strategy and Vice President of Strategic Relations at Singularity University. It contributes to the dialogue on innovation by providing a unique set of technological, business and political perspectives.

Nadine Bongaerts: Nadine is an expert in synthetic biology, particularly in “designing life” through genetic engineering. In parallel to scientific activity, he actively works to bridge the world of science and society and business.

Fabio Moioli: Artificial Intelligence Expert, Fabio is Country Manager of Microsoft Consulting & Services in Italy, where he leads the business transformation for many clients. He graduated from the Faculty of Engineering in Information Technology and has a solid international experience, is also a speaker at business and technology conferences, during which he focuses on the opportunities and challenges created by artificial intelligence and exponential technologies, including perspectives Social and ethical.


20 February 2020

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