Meet our Community: Giada Zhang, CEO at Mulan Group


“Face every day as a warrior.” Giada Zhang CEO at Mulan Group

When you are a young girl with Chinese origins growing up in a small city in Italy, it’s not simple finding your identity. You speak the language of your surrounding community, but you are not quite the same as everyone else. I am a combination of two different cultures that have both shaped me in many ways. Even if for me, the delicious smells that filled the kitchen of my family’s restaurants was always the thing that gave me a perfect sense of who I am. Being bicultural, means I represent both cultures, Chinese and Italian. And when I found the conviction for who I am, it made me feel like a warrior.

It was from a desire to uphold the recipes I love so much that our business Mulan was born. It was the love for oriental cuisine and the dream to transform the consumption of Asian food into something more authentic: a world of stories, traditions, knowledge and flavours. In 1990 my family moved to Italy from China, bringing with them the typical recipes of their country.

From the beginning, they realized the curiosity Italians had towards Asian foods, which at the time was still a novelty linked to only a few restaurants, was something special. Mulan combined our family needs and continued bringing Chinese flavours to the table. But now it was cooked and eaten by Italian families directly. Bringing Chinese gastronomic culture closer to Italian needs, tastes and rhythms, while remaining faithful to original recipes.

For us, the innovation is in the handmade production that blends the genuineness of a home-cooked meal and the authenticity of the tradition. The attention devoted to the manual workmanship is perceived in the natural taste and quality of the details. From the closing method of Chinese dumplings to the meticulous cooking processes of traditional ingredients, our Chinese chefs prepare the dishes for the Mulan lines according to the ancient oriental culinary art. Only in the mixing and packaging phases, the mastery of chefs is accompanied by the most advanced Italian technologies.

In our company, gender balance is recognized as an essential means to generate growth and a real force for driving innovation. It’s not by chance that the new factory is in “Via Pari Opportunità” the street of equal opportunities. We chose Talent Garden Isola because it’s the first vertical ecosystem dedicated to the foodtech world. There’s nothing better than working in a place surrounded by people who share your passion for food.

8 December 2019

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