Localise Youth: Combatting COVID with Compassion

As World Entrepreneurs Day is fast approaching, we’re reflecting on our wonderful community members at Localise Youth Volunteering who have carried out many support services for vulnerable children, people, and families while staying at home. 

Following the impact of COVID-19, Localise developed online meaningful volunteering opportunities/solutions for youths to work with isolated and vulnerable people, while ensuring that intergenerational and connectivity projects are continued. Localise addresses youth volunteering and community leadership, working mainly with socio-economically disadvantaged youths engaging them to be of service to others – while giving them a sense of purpose and self worth during this challenging time. 

Localise Youth Volunteering is an Irish organisation that awakens the culture of volunteerism amongst young people, through their school or youth service. In 2019, Localise engaged over 3200 young people in 120 community service projects nationwide. The Localise team members are based in Talent Garden Dublin to coordinate volunteering projects and initiatives for communities in areas surrounding the Talent Garden campus and have over 12000 young people participating in the Volunteering for All programme. CSO research highlights volunteering helps address socio economic problems, improves health and wellbeing of youths, improving their skills personally and professionally. 

“Not all young people are going out and not listening to the government’s advice.” – Lia, Localise youth volunteer, Dublin 22.


“I’m very proud of them and the fact that they are part of the group. Thanks for allowing them to see outside their windows.” – Julia, parent of a Localise youth volunteer.


Compassion Projects

Localise Youth Volunteering provided young people during this COVID-19 crisis with real and effective ways to contribute and support those in need in their community.  Through plenty of planning through zoom meetings they have continued to collaborate and recently they have delivered numerous very successful projects remotely and foresee much of their future work taking this form, as well as a blended learning (using technology and in person) approach when community settings and schools reopen. 

1 | Mater Hospital

As COVID impacted suddenly impacted Ireland, the volunteers immediately recognised a need to show solidarity and support with front line workers and developed messages of support to those in the Mater Hospital. 


2 | Cheshire Ireland

Cheshire Ireland provides a range of support services to people with both physical and neurological conditions in their own homes & residential centres. Due to COVID-19, the young members of Localise wanted to be of service to those living in isolation. Localise youth volunteers created individualised messages and table quizzes to service users of Cheshire Ireland and to a women’s refuge in north county Dublin.


3 | Nursing Homes

Lastly, Localise completed its largest project to date during the pandemic where 200 young people from across the country submitted videos of love and well-wishes to the elderly living in nursing homes across Ireland. Localise received support fromDublin City Council with this project who donated 30 laptops that will be delivered to nursing homes in the Dublin region for them to keep, so they can watch the videos made by young people, and so their residents can electronically reach out to their family and friends.


25 June 2020

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