Talent Garden France: Testimonials from the network

Here in Talent Garden, we have a continuously growing network of talented digital and tech professionals from all walks of life and industries. We have a community of 4.500 members in 21 campuses across 8 countries, all interconnected through collaborations, partnerships, space sharing and on our online platform. We have created an ecosystem that has inbuilt core values to connect people for the common good. Each member has the opportunity to benefit both personally and help others through building relationships, sharing knowledge and learning new skills. This increases the single business or members chances to thrive in a rapidly changing environment, and every individual success boosts the community as a whole.


But don’t take our word for it, read the testimonials from our French network of Taggers!



Benoit Marmillod, Head Of Global Sales @Ziticity

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“We chose Talent Garden for our offices because from a service and design point of view we found everything we wanted to offer an exceptional working environment to our teams. The Talent Garden team listen to you and do a great job in bringing the different members together within the community. We have quickly created professional and friendly links with other members, allowing us to exchange ideas, or simply enjoy an after-work get together. I highly recommend it!”


Andy Petrella, CEO @ Kensu

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“When Kensu expanded outside of Belgium, Talent Garden was a key partner in providing the team with a healthy and efficient working environment. Kensu’s corporate culture of good spirit, sharing and enthusiasm also fills the ecosystem created by Talent Garden.

We have used several coworking spaces in the United States and Europe, and Talent Garden is clearly at the top.”


Camille Pousseur, Marketing Director @ Stratos

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“Talent Garden is an extremely flexible and modern solution to work the way you want, when you want and with whom you want. In addition to offering a comfortable, state-of-the-art workspace that even respects the environment as much as possible, Talent Garden offers numerous events, training, meetings and exchanges to make the most of the community’s wealth (human values, different talents and expertise, various sectors and interests, etc.). In addition, the Talent Garden team is extremely available and accessible which makes the experience all the more enjoyable.

I particularly appreciate the freedom offered to us: flexible schedules, the possibility to be isolated or surrounded, the opportunity to participate in various events, the freedom to work on one’s own project (I am Marketing Director in the aviation industry) but also to meet people, in one’s own sector or expertise or from a totally different environment”.



Tania Gherardi, Success Manager, France / Operations Manager, Italy @Ulule

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“I chose to come to Talent Garden because I was looking for a dynamic community with a strong focus on the areas I am passionate about: innovation and creativity. I also needed a flexible solution that would allow me to feel free in the organisation of my work time. One of the biggest advantages is to be able to meet every day with professionals who are open to collaboration and sharing ideas. The Talent Garden community is full of opportunities waiting to be activated!  It therefore offers a great opportunity to discover new jobs, work tools, trends, etc. that allow you to always stay up to date on the world of innovation.

If you are open-minded, curious and looking for new collaborations, this is the ideal place.  I come to the space since four years now, the Talent Garden community has become for me a source of support and inspiration for both my professional and creative projects. In three words: non-stop stimulation!”


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11 February 2021

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