Must Follow UX Designers on Medium in 2021

The implementation may be an essential part of UX Design, but you will always be stuck without new ideas, inspiration, and the desire to see your designs in a new way. 

Getting inspired is not a passive activity. You need to have passion for what you do and go out and look for what is happening in the industry, find mentors, listen to UX Podcasts, and read articles. 

In fact, we love Medium for keeping up with trends and seeing new voices emerge within the design space. Here are some of our favourites.

Nick BabichEditor-in-chief of UX Planet

Some great articles to check out:


Maria PanagiotidiUX researcher, cognitive psychologist, science communicator

Some great articles to check out:


Guy LigertwoodProduct Designer
Some great articles to check out:

Olha Bahaieva
Senior UX/UI Designer 

Some great articles to check out:

You can find many UX Communities to join, UX Podcasts to follow and UX Books to read. But one of the best things to step up your skills and knowledge
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21 September 2021

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