Innovation offsite

Bring your team to our tech startup hub, go through an intense innovation sprint and leave with a prototype and a roadmap.

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Who benefits?

Every team within your company can benefit from using and adapting to the innovation process, however it works best when you have a problem to solve or change to adapt to.  

For example it can help:

  • Marketing teams

    Looking to shape their communication and marketing efforts based on the customer’s needs but are stuck in old ways of working

  • Product development teams

    Who needs to get new perspectives and angles to move forward

  • Management teams

    Looking to solve business problems in a quick, solution oriented way

If your team is struggling with a problem, we can help. Book a call with us and we can together identify what would suit you best.

Why should you do an innovation offsite?

Participating in an innovation offsite has many benefits for your team:

  • Customer understanding

    You will map out and better understand the customer journey to identify customer pain points and hurdles.

  • Innovate here and now

    You will generate new innovative ideas and solutions, being able to focus in  on one solution and generate a prototype.

  • Instant feedback

    You will receive feedback from seasoned startup founders to plan your next steps and test it on your audience.

The Talent Garden Methodology

We utilise different methods to solve different problems, but all our activities are either based on Human Centred Design (HCD) or Design Thinking. 

Human Centred Design starts with deep empathy for human beings, understanding their expectations, fears and needs. It is typically most useful when working towards improving the usability and the user experience of a particular product or service. Based on your problem, we will guide the team in divergence and convergence exercises to discover what is most useful for the target audience.

Design thinking also starts with the user, but is focused on solving problems by creating innovative products or services. It challenges and tests preconceptions about the audience and your product and/or service whilst also taking into consideration the feasibility and sustainability of the product within your organisation.

We guide you to the best solution for you, putting together exercises based on your needs.

The Process

  1. Understand

    Identify the customer journey and the customer pain points and hurdles to gain empathy for your customer and their needs.

  2. Ideate

    Explore, be creative and build on each other’s ideas. The goal is to let go of assumptions and think in new directions.

  3. Concept development

    Select and focus on the solution that solves the biggest customer issue and is most valuable to your business. Create a rapid prototype to be able to quickly understand how customers react to your product and how to develop it.

One size never fits anyone

We know that every business is different. Before we start the process, we take care to understand your needs and together we identify what will work best for you and your team. Everything to create an experience that is valuable for your business.

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