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2nd edition

Business Data Analysis Bootcamp Vienna

Gain the skills, the knowledge and the mindset needed to become a data specialist on the fly!

Be it the computer on your desk or the cell phone in your hand, the world is generating an unprecedented amount of data. Using it for business purposes has become inevitable for any company today: with us and our exceptionally practical teaching approach you will become a data specialist on the fly!

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Business Data Analysis Bootcamp Vienna
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We’re your perfect match

3 main reasons you should join us


Fellow Students

Fellow Students

We accept a maximum of 20 participants per intake. Having a limited group size ensures that our experts can answer all your questions and provide feedback.




Use what you learned in class to create two projects for your UX Design portfolio, and train your soft skills. Each participant will work on an individual project and a group project.


Networking events per year

Networking events per year

On campus, you'll enjoy more than just the UX Design classroom: network with our community and meet potential employers, partners and friends.

Your future in the field

What is a Data Analyst and what do they do?

What is a Data Analyst and what do they do?

The Business Data Analyst is a professional figure capable of having an in-depth understanding of Data Analysis, reading and interpreting various types of data, and its implications at the company level

  • Developing data-driven business models
  • Identifying and implementing crucial business strategies
  • Using data to visualise business insights, communicate them effectively, and plan effective strategies (Data-Driven Management)
  • Using specific tools (e.g., OpenRefine, Orange3, SQL) to manipulate data
  • Presenting data analyses to stakeholders using Data Visualisation criteria and dashboards
  • Understanding the implications of a Data Lake project for business activities
  • With a Career Boost plan, we help you enhance your career path and make you more appealing to employers.


Students, faculty, and the Talent Garden community (taggers) will immediately immerse you in the dynamic world of digital. With this program, you will have the opportunity to meet and network with the best digital professionals, and you will also grow through your relationships with them: the lecturers are experts in their fields, the students are chosen for their peer-to-peer growth, and the Taggers are part of the ever-growing digital industry.

By the end of the course, you will know about:

  • Ad Hoc Data Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Governance & Best Practices
  • Use Cases and Industry Requirements

A certified professional

You will receive a digital certificate on Accredible at the end of the course, which you can directly add to your LinkedIn profile.

Our alumni currently work for:

Publicis Sapient
Leroy Merlin
Reply Bitmama
Design Group Italia
Coca Cola

Who is the Bootcamp for?

Please note that the Bootcamp is in English, so a proficient knowledge of the language is required. During the first interview with our team, we will understand if the Bootcamp is the right choice for you.

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Previous experience in the area of Business Data Analysis is not required, although professional experience in working with data is an advantage. The Bootcamp would be a good fit for participants with a background in Business Administration, Sales & Marketing & individuals with a primary interest in data and its analysis. English language skills (ideally B2 or C1) are required as the course is in English.

Please note: This Bootcamp is only available for residents in Austria registered at AMS (Arbeitsmarktservice) who fulfil the requirements presented by the AMS advisor.

Talk to your AMS advisor to join the Info Days and find out more!

Our selection process

Get Started

Get Started

Enter your data on our website and receive a welcome email with all the info. Please check your spam folder too, just in case!

Fill the Online Questionnaire

Fill the Online Questionnaire

You will receive the link to a questionnaire to share more about yourself!

Schedule Your Interview

Schedule Your Interview

After filling out the questionnaire, book your personal (online) interview with our Orientation & Admission Specialist. It’s an opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have and for us to know more about your background and motivation.



Did you get in? You will receive feedback within a few days after completing all steps of the application process.

talent garden
talent garden

What you’ll learn

In this 12-week Business Data Analysis Bootcamp, we will cover all topics to help you launch your career as a Data Analyst. Based on exercises and a project, you will learn how to analyze, structure and combine enormous amounts of data from start to finish into a business strategy. After completing the course, you will be able to analyze and structure it and work out a business strategy in a company as a junior business data analyst. The Business Data Analysis Bootcamp is a project-based program that combines individual self study sessions with practical live sessions with the experts.

1 | Introduction, Use Cases and Industry Requirements

Upon completion of the first module, you will understand the term “usability”, its principles, norms, standards, and industry requirements. You’ll understand the importance of data-driven approaches and business data analysis (Business Data Analysis) between innovation and business and how “data handling” impacts entire business ecosystems and enterprise structures.

Modules 2 and 3 will cover ad hoc data analysis. Ad hoc analysis in Business Intelligence differs dramatically from managed reports from the early days of Business Analytics, which used templates provided by IT and business departments.

After these modules, you’ll know how data analytics works. This means analysing raw data with the aid of data analytics software and making recommendations based on that analysis. With the use of data, you’ll be able to verify or falsify hypotheses and models.

In these modules, we will learn how business intelligence (BI) is, in a lot of ways, a key aspect of most businesses in today’s world. It is a technology-driven process for analysing data and presenting actionable information. This process helps executives, managers, and other end users to make informed business decisions.

As part of this module, you will learn how Data Environments and Data Sets work from start to finish. After data is entered into the system, it can usually be imported into a database. As a result, the data set can be analysed across time and across sites. This module aims to demonstrate and teach how to create indicators that can help drive business more quickly. Hence, the database is used as a central repository, often including a “Data Warehouse (DWH)” or “Data Lake” within an enterprise.

The final module focuses on managing the availability, usability, integrity and security of data used within an organisation for data analysis. It provides business considerations for combining and recapping the content from previous modules. This module illustrates how business data analysts can drive and lead data-driven digitisation and innovation in SMEs and large enterprises through a holistic knowledge base.


Membro Faculty
Alin Kalam
Head of Market Intelligence & Retail Digital Data Strategy | UNIQA Insurance Group AG

Alin has worked in technology and innovation-related business sectors for over a decade. In recent years, the focus of his professional career moved from Senior Consultancy/Advisory & IT-Management to leading fields such as “Digital Transformation”, “Technology Management”, “Advanced Analytics/Big Data”, etc. He has served in department-leading positions at companies such as Erste Group Bank AG, […]

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talent garden
talent garden

Live the Talent Garden experience

A unique method

We believe that the only real way to learn things is to actually do them and surround yourself with like-minded and motivated people.

Project-Based Learning

During this course, you will apply your newly acquired skills to two projects. With this method, we close the gap between theory and application. You will get feedback from the experts and be able to add it to your portfolio.

Flexible Self Study and Interactive Live Sessions

With the combination of practical self-study material and hands-on live sessions, we offer you flexibility and interactivity at the same time. The self-study lessons can be done according to your availability and preferences, while the live sessions with the experts and classmates guarantee an engaging environment.

Collaboration & Peer-to-Peer Growth

Your time with us is an opportunity to learn from others, as well as to connect with future business partners and friends. Throughout the live sessions, you will work with your classmates on exercises where you will be continuously encouraged to provide constructive criticism and feedback.

Join an International Community

Talent Garden is not only a place to learn, we also offer an innovative, unique environment to grow as a professional and make meaningful connections.

Networking Opportunities

Our campuses all over Europe are full of open and like-minded people – during and also after the course you are invited to join our online and on-site events and meet the members of our community to grow your professional network.

Free Access to Campus

You will be granted free access to our Talent Garden campuses for the whole period of the course. Drop by to study, join the live sessions, work together with your colleagues on the project or join events whenever you want.

Alumni Community

We want to stay in touch also after the course! We have a dedicated Slack channel to connect all our alumni and share interesting job offers, events and updates from our community.

Your learning experience

We care about you and your needs and offer you a high-quality learning experience with the most skilled experts.

Individual 1:1 Mentoring Session

Each student can schedule one-on-one mentoring sessions with experts of their choice to ask in-depth questions about specific topics or to get more detailed feedback on the project. With this initiative, we want to meet every student’s individual needs. You can purchase additional mentoring sessions upon demand.

Limited Group Size & Dedicated Learning Manager

We care about each individual, so we have a maximum number of 20 participants in the course to ensure a high-quality education that meets everyone’s needs. Each class has a dedicated Learning Manager who will take care of the participants and their learning journey.

Experienced Experts

Our faculty members are professionals with many years of UX work experience at high-level companies. They will share lots of real world examples and case studies to give you a realistic understanding of the field. They love teaching, care about each participant and will leave no question unanswered.

Financial options & Terms of Payment

For the upcoming edition, we will award two full scholarships* To be considered, participate in the Scholarship Challenge by completing a project. To start, apply and complete an interview. Afterwards, the Orientation & Admission Specialist will share the scholarship project brief with you. Submit your project before the deadline stated in the brief.

Deadline: July 28, 6 pm.
Feedback: Latest August 4.
Number of scholarships: 2 (1 for all and 1 for Women In Tech)

*Fee: 900€ incl. VAT (if you are granted the scholarship).
**The projects are not technical, we focus more on soft skills. So everyone can participate, no matter the prior knowledge level in Data Analysis.

For applicants from Italy: We have an agreement with Intesa Sanpaolo Prestito per Merito, to offer students enrolled in full-time and part-time programs a personal loan service with favourable conditions.*

This way, you don’t have to worry about finances during the course and can start paying back the loan afterwards!

*Up to €15,000 if you are a full-time student, up to €10,000 if you are a part-time student. Contact us for more details.

AMS customers have the option of receiving funding for our courses on an “individual cost basis”. We will provide you with a cost estimation for the desired course, then you can clarify with your AMS advisor whether funding can be provided in your individual case. Please note that in order to receive the cost estimation in your name, you need to go through the mandatory application process.

Early Bird (deadline: July 31st, 11:59 pm): 5.480€ incl. VAT
Full Rate (from August 1st and onwards): 5.980€ incl. VAT

Instalments plan You don’t have to pay all at once. The Bootcamp tuition can be divided into instalments.

*Please note that the payment should be completed before the start of the Bootcamp. If you need support, please feel free to get in touch with your Orientation & Admission Specialist.

**A 900€ (registration fee) upfront applies to all applicants.

Finanzielle Optionen


Questions or doubts? Don't worry, we have the info you were looking for. Here are the most common questions:

I need a cost estimation because I would like to apply for an AMS sponsorship.

We have a mandatory application process for the UX Design Bootcamp. Before providing you with a cost estimation or timetable, we need to evaluate your profile and motivations. Steps to follow: Apply now -> Fill in the questionnaire -> Book Interview. The Interview is the perfect time for you to ask all the questions you have. Only after that, we can proceed with the documents you need for AMS.

In order to be eligible for the scholarship you have to go through our mandatory application process for the UX Design Bootcamp. Steps to follow: Apply now -> Fill in the questionnaire -> Book Interview. The Interview is the perfect time for you to ask all the questions you have. After that, you will receive the link to register for the Scholarship Challenge.

There is no need to buy any licenses. Talent Garden will share an educational license with you for the course duration.

Don’t worry! The Learning Manager will contact you two weeks before the start of the course. We suggest you keep an eye on your spam/promotions folder for any lost communication.

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