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Digital Marketing Crash Course

Enrol in our Digital Marketing course, designed for currently unemployed professionals to give them the most in-demand skills on the job market.

Join our Digital Marketing Crash Course, designed for professionals who want to acquire an understanding of digital marketing and add to their skillset.

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Digital Marketing Crash Course
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3 main reasons you should join us

Leading digital skills Academy

Talent Garden + Hyper Island The largest player in digital education in Europe

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Learn from professionals

Together, we will plan the best strategy to achieve your professional goals

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1,200+ companies

that are constantly looking for new talents to add to their teams

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We think about your professional future

Why choose Digital Marketing?

Why choose Digital Marketing?

Why Digital Marketing is important

Customers are seeking omni-channel experiences, where the bridge between offline and online marketing is increasingly important. A brand needs to be unified across all touch-points and digital marketing is one essential part of creating that journey. Through digital marketing efforts the digital marketer promotes a company and its products and/or services, enhancing brand awareness as well as driving website traffic and acquiring leads/customers.

Why Digital Marketing should be part of your skillset 

LinkedIn has listed Digital Marketing as one of the Top 10 in-demand skills on the job market globally. It’s a vital skill set, whether you are employed or self-employed. By acquiring digital marketing skills, you will not only stand out in the job market but you will also be able to plan marketing efforts more effectively based on performance.

Can adding Digital Marketing skills to my portfolio enhance my career?

Digital Marketing offers great opportunities for career advancement. If you’re already in a marketing role you have the opportunity to scale your career with Digital Marketing skills, leading to more responsibilities. For others it opens up specialisation opportunities and the possibility to enter a new career.

This course is the perfect opportunity to learn how to use digital channels such as search engines, social media, and other websites to connect with current and future customers. Along with the essentials of Digital Marketing, you will also discover how to create engaging content, use Google Analytics, and much more in order to deepen your skills.

We believe that the best way to learn is by doing so throughout the course you will work with tasks designed specifically for the topic so that you can practise what is taught in the lectures.

By the end of the course you will have acquired the following competences:

  • Independently analyse, plan and carry out tasks relating to digital marketing
  • Apply digital marketing concepts, models and theories in order to assess the potential for the sale of the company’s services and products online
  • Apply key methods and tools related to the area’s practice
  • Use key methods and tools to plan digital marketing and relate the marketing plan to the company’s idea and overall strategies
  • Communicate professional issues and solution models and present results to peers, stakeholders and non-specialists.

And so much more!

Our alumni currently work for:

Maersk Oil

Who is this course for?

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  • You are interested in a career shift towards Digital Marketing
  • You want to use Digital Marketing skills to enhance your performance at work
  • You work in a marketing department but lack the skills needed for Digital Marketing
  • You have your own company and want to understand how to better leverage Digital Marketing

Our selection process

Register to apply

Register to apply

Apply via our website providing basic details about you.

Send us your documents

Send us your documents

We will ask you to share your CV and LinkedIn profile to ensure that you’ll have a great course experience with us.



Once your profile and documents are uploaded, you will receive a payment link to complete your registration.



We will send you a confirmation email notifying that you are now registered on the course. We look forward to having you join us!

talent garden
talent garden

About us

Who could tell you better what it means to attend a course at Talent Garden than those who have already experienced it? Contact our alumni to find out about their success stories, get some insights into the course, and to benefit from our Referral Program!

Evelina Zubrickaite

Junior UX/UI Designer @ Storebox

Contact me

Maria Madalina Banut

Social Media Manager - Content Producer @ Introdus

Contact me

What you’ll learn

During 3 weeks, you will learn the fundamentals of Digital Marketing, as well as the latest tools to help you develop your skill set.

1- Digital Marketing for Digital services

Learn about the key marketing concepts in relation to digital marketing when working with a digital company. Learn about measurement and data analysis in relation to marketing efforts.

Understand how Search engines work and different ranking concepts. Learn how to perform keyword research and understand how SEO practices can grow business.

Learn the core components of Paid Search and get an introduction to Google Adwords and how Adwords Auctions really works. You will also understand the basics of what a quality score is and its role within Paid Search.

Get familiar with different types of eCommerce business models and how to perform an eCommerce audit. Deep dive into how to best optimise the digital shelf and to measure success within eCommerce.

Learn how to  build a professional brand through content marketing and the role content can play in digital marketing. Understand what is needed to develop, organise and implement a content marketing strategy and how analysis enhances the  effectiveness of content marketing.

What are the different analytics data types and how do you use Google Analytics? You will learn this as well as understanding how to develop analytics strategies and the basics of data analysis.

Learn how to work  with different types of conversions and how you can optimise marketing efforts to generate more sales, subscriptions and downloads.

Understand how paid, owned and earned media plays a role in your digital marketing mix and how to best utilise social media channels to reach your business objectives as well as how to measure and analyse your social media strategy.

Live the Talent Garden experience

A unique method

A unique method

We believe that the only real way to learn is by doing and to surround yourself with dynamic and creative people.

Continuous learning 

You will be included in our Community on Slack with over 5,000 digital professionals, where you can build professional relationships, find business opportunities, share contacts and have daily updates.

Dedicated learning manager

For all our courses we have a dedicated learning manager who is there to guide and support you throughout your journey in Talent Garden.


We have a vibrant community here in Denmark where we’re offering events that you can join.

Join an International Community

You will immediately feel immersed in the dynamic world of digital. You’ll meet and get to know top digital professionals, and you’ll also grow through relationships with:

the faculty

the faculty are real experts in the field;

the students

are selected to be able to bring Peer 2 Peer growth;

the taggers

are part of realities of the growing digital world;

the alumni

from our school and in similar courses are now established digital professionals working in renowned companies.

Requirements to participate

The Digital Marketing Crash Course requires nothing but good knowledge of English, the willingness to learn in a group, and, more than anything else, a lot of motivation and curiosity to learn.

If you’re interested in joining the program and are unemployed, check out our full time course here.


All payments are done online and through a secured payment partner.


Questions? Don't worry, we have the info you were looking for. Here are the most common questions:

Are there any prerequisites to attend this course?

You do not need specific degrees or knowledge, nor do you need to come from certain backgrounds. You will, however, need a good knowledge of English, and, more than anything else, a lot of motivation and curiosity to learn in an innovative learning environment.

You will receive a Talent Garden certificate, protected by Blockchain technology, which you can share in your CV and on your LinkedIn profile.

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Apply now

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