A SEO Guide for Google: History, Algorithms and Best Practices

Discover how SEO works, the algorithms behind it and all the key areas you should work on: learn more about the main tools available and how to set the right KPIs to optimize your ROI and get all the visibility you can.

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From Link Building to Meta Tags: ready to unveil all SEO secrets?

You probably know what SEO is (all the activities that aim at increasing visits from search engines), but did you know that Google identifies over 200 ranking factors among those analyzed through its algorithms? Get ready to discover the best practices, the tools and the KPIs you need to get the best out of your next SEO strategy.

What you will learn:

  1. Why you should invest in an SEO strategy
  2. The history of SEO, how Google works and the main algorithm updates
  3. SEO best practices and ranking factors
  4. All key areas, both on-site and off-site
  5. Which KPI to set and how to calculate your ROI
  6. The main SEO tools you can refer to

About Bytek

ByTek is the MarTech company of the Datrix group, specializing in proprietary Artificial Intelligence software solutions to measure and enhance Marketing performance.
The tech company works at a B2B and B2C level, with an offer that includes data-driven empowerment tools and technologies, in order to streamline processes, make decisions and take actions along the entire funnel, to reach and exceed the objectives of growth.
Since 2014, clients have recognized the methodological approach and execution times as distinctive traits of the company, the strong focus on results through analytical and specialist analysis, the attitude to bring innovation with external and alternative data, as well as the ability to train.

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