Test your business ideas in a simple and effective way

How many times would you have liked to get feedback from your customers before launching a new solution on the market? Thanks to prototyping, small and large companies can imagine, develop and test new business ideas quickly and economically while maximising time and budget. Through innovative methodologies, our team of experts will guide your company in a complete and personalised path from brainstorming to evaluating new solutions and ideas to the realisation of the final prototype.

Accelerate the development of new digital solutions within your company

We help companies and organisations to design new digital solutions and to validate them simply and effectively through paths that allow all the teams involved in the project to explore tools and methodologies while developing a mindset oriented towards innovation and experimentation. Thanks to a solid network of partners and industry experts, we give our clients the opportunity to bring their ideas to life and achieve their business objectives.


After a first phase of gathering the internal needs of the company and defining the idea to be tested, the co-creation cycle involves analyzing the target and the most relevant stakeholders to be involved in the digital solution test phase.


The idea comes to life through the definition of user interfaces and flows. The prototype is developed in the form of a wireframe, digital interface or inVision project.


It is time to test the prototype and collect suggestions from users, a fundamental element to guide the subsequent development phase.


Based on the feedback, the areas/characteristics of the product that need to be reworked are reviewed. This phase precedes the effective development of the digital solution conceived.

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Discover all the advantages of prototyping

Alessandro Braga, Corporate Transformation Director in Talent Garden, tells us why it is important to test the effectiveness of a new product or service before launching it on the market.

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Test your business ideas in a simple and effective way

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